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Greg Calabria

Mechanical engineer by degree, Greg is a classic obsessive. NJ born but spent 22 years in Charlotte and Raleigh. Automotive enthusiast of the two- and four-wheel varieties. Mechanic, woodworker, general hobbyist. He found himself one day drinking Allagash Interlude during college and has been beer-obsessed since. Greg and Ted met up when Greg began working in the same office. The joy of drinking beer turned quickly into the joy of creating beer. After 6 years of brewing he’s ready to share his creations with his fellow Charlotteans.

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Ted Rosenau

Petty Thieves. Borne from the runes engraved upon the philosopher's stone- that long-sought artifact bearing the secret of alchemical mysteries. Obscure knowledge that made some mad and others heretics, burned at the stake. The knowledge that man has the power to see through what is to what can be.


This knowledge was passed to me at the age of 33. The number of completion. The end of one cycle, the birth of the next. This, of course, was not my beginning in the arts-achievement being the intersection of preparation and opportunity-no, my study began, like so many others, in engineering school. I had a roommate who held secret meetings in our room where I learned about the higher dimensions. From there, I learned to recognize the patterns. I could make the wheels turn and be transported.

After 10 years of desk surfing, aglow in fluorescent radiation, I had all but forgotten what I had learned those years ago-the wheels and the means to make them turn. It was again in secret I gathered the thread and was able again to see. Masters Mucha, Huxley, Melville, van Gogh, Twain, Coleman-Smith, Gladwell, Zinn, Keenan, Calgione, Grossman, Pollan, Gundersen, Lewis, and Rohr were my teachers. This is when my partner began practicing also. We gathered in a sweat lodge and, over tedious hours, unlocked the matrix to bring forth the elixir.

Then I was visited by the apparition. The name from beyond. Vibrating in the continuum waves. It was bestowed upon me with a mission- to deliver the message to the people. And I was to start in my own hometown. We were to practice this alchemy on every stitch and stone


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